SEVEN actuators


Suitable for every process

SEVEN actuators are available both as standard and modulating actuators.

Rotary actuators

9 - 4000 Nm 

Part-turn actuators

75 - 150 Nm 

Standard design

  • duty classification:
           - ON-OFF duty, class A according to EN 15714-2 (2S.70..-)
           - inching/positioning duty, class B according to EN 15714-2 (2S.73..-)
           - modulating duty, class C according to EN 15714-2 (2S.75..-)
  • protection class IP68 acc. to DIN EN 60529
  • corrosivity category C5 acc. to EN 15714-2
  • electronic motor protection, automatic phase sequence correction
  • start-up current lower than rated current
  • line voltage tolerance -10% / +15% in the chosen voltage range, frequency range from 40 to 70 Hz
    ( full torque for voltage fluctuations between –30 % and +15 %)
  • permissible ambient temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F), (lower / higher temperatures on request)
  • electric connection: round plug with screw connection, dust and water-protected when plug withdrawn (double sealed)
  • separate mounting of the electronics unit possible
  • hand crank/wheel for emergency operation (disconnected during motor operation!)
  • valve protection through integrated frequency converter: soft start and speed reduction in the end positions
  • adjustable output speed within the selected speed range:
           - ECOTRON: in 7 steps (step-up factor 1.4)
           - PROFITRON: continuous setting (parameterizable on the display in 2.5% increments between 12.5 - 100% n max.)
  • output speeds independently adjustable for OPEN, CLOSE, Emergency OPEN and Emergency CLOSE (PROFITRON)
  • tripping torques adjustable from 30% (2SA75..-: 50%) to 100% of max. output torque TC max. for OPEN and CLOSE in steps of 10%
  • travel dependent cut-off continuously adjustable
  • 3 reference torque curves of the valve can be stored (PROFITRON)
  • local control with hermetically sealed control knob „Drive Controller“ (optionally lockable)
  • operator guidance via display
  • external 24 V DC supply for electronics unit possible
  • external 24 V DC or 48 V DC supply of the galvanic isolated binary inputs and outputs possible
  • galvanic isolation of the analog inputs and outputs (PROFITRON)
  • analog actual position value 0/4 – 20mA
  • communication with COM-SIPOS via USB and Bluetooth possible (PROFITRON)
  • real-time event logging (PROFITRON)

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